Iran is the largest producer and exporter of pistachio in the world. Iranian pistachios offer various advantages that set them apart from competitors.  Iranian Pistachios are subcategorized into various names all of which differ in Sizes and Shapes. Iranian Pistachios share the best qualities in comparison to American Pistachios. In addition to this, American Pistachios are far greener and smaller in size as compared to Iranian Pistachios. Most of Pistachio Consumers think that American Pistachios are better due to its sole Price whereas Iranian Pistachios not only do bear the brilliant color and shape and size, but they also have more advantages that American Ones. Iranian Pistachios are mostly bought by Asian, African, and European Countries where they are well-aware of Iranian Pistachios. Given the fact that Iranian Pistachios are on high demanding, there are still some opinions which look for cheaper Prices of Pistachios regardless of what taste or color they have. Pistachios are harvested at the beginning of September-November mostly in Provinces of Iran. Iranian pistachios also have the best taste and quality among other pistachio producing countries like the Turkey and US. Researches have shown that the origin of pistachio trees lies in the North-east of Iran. Now Pistachio is being produced in twenty provinces of Iran but Kerman province is known as the pistachio capital of the world.

Pistachios health benefits:

Helps in the production of hemoglobin

Good for your skin

Great for your eyes

Boosts immunity

Has anti-inflammation properties

Fights obesity Improves your digestion

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